Welcome to LS Creations

Welcome to my blog!  I am not sure where it will lead me but I hope we can enjoy the journey together.  The main reason for creating this blog is to pass on some information regarding my main concern; Diabetes as a health issue. I am a member of several affiliate groups and will be posting ads and banners in my articles in order for you to be able to shop, access and browse the content.  I want to share some of the things I have learned since beginning my research about diabetes. 

My concern towards diabetes is a relatively new one.  If you have read some of my articles, you are aware that I was diagnosed recently as being Type 2 Diabetic.  I have always been active and tried to live a healthy lifestyle and there are a few reasons for my current health condition.  I am getting older which is always one of the risks of getting diabetes, I am overweight somewhat which is a major risk to get diabetes, I am not as physically active as I used to be which is also another main factor that contributes to getting diabete and, I love food.  

Prior to being diagnosed, I was told by my doctor approximately 4-5 years ago that I was prediabetic.  This did not concern me much and I did try to maintain a healthier lifestyle, but work and personal life gets in the way sometimes.  Now I am living with diabetes, have had a complete lifestyle change which is challenging and realize that I will always be diabetic.  The fear and knowledge once you are diagnosed is very real.  There are several health risks associated with diabetes and although I am now currently taking a prescription pill to help stabilize and lower my blood glucose levels, there is a  real possibility that I might have to take insulin using needles if my blood levels do not come down.  I am trying very hard to avoid that because I personally do not like needles.

I have decided to document my discoveries and research as I continue on my journey and hope that I will be able to continue to have a healthy, long, happy life.  I will say that personally this has been very eye-opening and life changing!  I look around and see so many people who are or could be in my situation and that is a big concern for me.    

The following statistics are quoted from AJCN. First published ahead of print August 10, 2011 as doi: 10.3945/ajcn.111.018978.

  • “Diabetes is highly prevalent in the US population. More than
    11% of US adults aged 20 y (25.6 million persons) have diabetes;
    the majority (90–95%) suffer from T2D, and 1.9 million
    new cases of diabetes occur each year. Although obesity and
    physical inactivity are major determinants of T2D and account
    for much of the increase in prevalence, dietary factors also
    play an important role in its development.”

I am hoping this blog will help to put a light on diabetes and show just how relevant this health problem is today.  I want to thank you for reading my opening page and hope that I am able to give you some good material and information.  If you have a concern or a question do not hesitate to ask and also please join my email listing.