Hello dear readers and welcome to my little blog.  I am not sure where it will lead me but I hope we can enjoy the journey together.  The main reason for creating this blog is to pass on some information regarding my main concerns; Diabetes as a health issue. I have also included some articles on marketing as this is also an area I am researching and want to share some of the things I have learned.  

My concern towards diabetes is a new one because as you might have read in my pages, I was diagnosed recently as being Type 2 Diabetic.  I have always been active and there are a few reasons for my current health condition.  I am getting older, I am overweight, I am not as physically active as I used to be, and I love food.  

Prior to being diagnosed, I was told by my doctor approximately 4-5 years ago that I was pre-diabetic.  This did not concern me too much and I did try to maintain a healthier lifestyle but work and personal life gets in the way sometimes.  Now I am living with diabetes, have had a complete lifestyle change which is challenging and have to realize that I will always be diabetic.  The fear and knowledge once you are diagnosed is very real.  There are several health risks associated with diabetes and although I am now currently taking a pill, there is a possibility that I might have to take insulin using needles.  I am trying very hard to avoid that because I personally do not like needles.

I have decided to document my discoveries and research as I begin and continue on my journey and hope that I will be able to continue to have a healthy, long, happy life.  I will say that personally this has been very eye-opening and life changing!  I look around and see so many people who are or could be in my situation and that is a big concern for me.  

I am hoping this blog will help to put a light on diabetes and show just how relevant this health problem is today.  I want to thank you for reading my opening page and hope that I am able to give you some good material and information.  If you have a concern or a question do not hesitate to ask and also join my email listing.  I have it set for you to receive updates and articles.  

I am also including my two websites that have shopping links for you to visit.  Here are two other links if you are interested in my general store and business website:




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