I had an interesting conversation a few weeks ago with a family relative. We began to discuss job opportunities and what is the best way to get responses from perspective employers. Lets set this up for you to understand; my relative has not been working for quite a while being laid off in 2016 from a very well paying position. Now there are children involved who are great kids and I love them dearly. Because of the downturn in our economy jobs are scarce and job applicants are rampant and many. Two issues of concern were brought up in the conversation:

  1. Education; and
  2. Location.

In my opinion, I feel that any position that will hire today is a good option to consider and possibly take. My relatives opinion is that the family is settled and the kids are settled. Disrupting the current situation would not be good for the kids. I understand the need for stability and an interesting statement was said, namely, “I want my kids to have quality, no quantity.” Okay, fair enough but my rebuttal was, “You can’t have stability without a job that can support and provide the quality.” Maybe I am being too narrow minded and I may not have children, but I feel that any job that can provide the tools to give that stability and quality must be considered.

The first topic is one that is very important I feel when searching for a new employer Having a good background, some good educational qualities and a resume that shows your past employment dependant on the type of position you are applying for are of utmost concern and consideration. A few things I have learned in my job seeking attempts:

  1. Make sure you are putting in the  correct type of education depending on the job;
  2. Don’t try to sell yourself to the point where the employer will not want to hire you because you are overqualified for the position or might usurp his position;
  3. Highlight the basic necessities needed;
  4. Don’t put in too much information;  employers will not read the whole resume, they will scan it quickly and if there is too much information they will more than likely bypass your resume;
  5. Always double check to see if you have any spelling mistakes or errors.  Employers do not want to waste time with someone who cannot spell or write proficiently;
  6. Don’t undersell yourself;  give just enough data so that the employer gets a quick and good feel of you in order for them to call you up and maybe schedule a meeting;
  7. Keep track of all the emails and jobs you have applied for and save your emails.  Employers like to know that you actually researched and know something about the company;
  8. Be prepared to have an oral phone conversation which lasts about 5-10 minutes depending on the amount of questions they have;
  9. Be prepared to not get a call back for an appointment.  This is important because you need to be able to remain optimistic while searching and applying for jobs; and
  10. Don’t get discouraged!  This is the most important thing to remember because it will reflect in your attitude, conversations and overall well-being about how you feel about yourself.  Remember there are thousands of other people in the same position you are currently in.  This is just a new path that you are currently journeying on.

I am currently on medical unemployment as noted in my last blog post, and I am feeling stress because I am not gainfully bringing in money to really support my lifestyle. I still feel that if I was given the opportunity to move to a place that provided me with the necessary tools and security, I would probably take it. Moving is a huge decision and the kids may be upset about leaving their school and friends, but I feel most kids are pretty resilient and will adjust to the change.

So what now? I have passed on possible types of self-employment and tools and I really hope they are considered and they might help to alleviate the current situation being faced. I just want them to be safe, happy and able to live in a sustainable environment.

I decided to search on the internet to see what options are out there for similar situations and there is a vast amount of information overload on the internet. I am currently trying to streamline my searches and investigation to see what I can come up with to maybe solve the questions I have and supply you with a good reliable source if you are in a similar situation. Wish me luck and I will post again my results soon. Stay tuned!

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