A Pets Ten Commandments

A pets health is the most important element when considering whether to get one. We have multiple cats and each one is unique and special in their own way, and each one has particular diets, tastes, and preferences when it comes to their food choices. Personally I have had the pleasure to change our cats diet to a more natural one which does not include kibble as the main ingredient. If you have read my early posts regarding this type of pet food you are aware of the possible harm it can do to any domestic pet. We changed the way we feed and what we feed our cats and after approximately six months, saying goodbye to our beautiful girl who was sick with hyperthyroid for four years, grieving her loss still to this day because it has only been three months, and finally looking at our other ones and realizing how lucky we are to have them, I concluded that we are on the right track.

Our main concern was their health because they seemed to be getting sick, vomiting, had no energy, and were becoming fat. With my research I found out several key indicators as to why this would occur and it is based on the kibble you feed your pets. If you don’t believe me then please go to my other page posts and click on the links which take you to some very good sources, by professionals in the industry. Now after the six months, our cats have lost weight, are not getting sick, have energy, their coats are sleek and soft, and they seem content. We feed them canned wet food, meat that we buy specifically for them such as turkey, ham, chicken and pork which we will cook as well and save some for them. The only draw back is that one of our boys is ruled by his stomach and he can become very ‘hangry’. (hungry and angry at the same time.)  We do give them treats which are similar to kibble but this is a very small amount and it is not affecting them overly too much. In fact the treats are used in between meals which we have currently dropped to twice a day; once in the morning and once in the evening. We schedule their feeding but do not mind the work because they seem much healthier.

One of our boys weighed well over twenty pounds and today I believe he has lost a fair amount of the weight because he is able to clean himself again, he runs, he jumps, he plays, and he looks fantastic. The weight loss is very visible in all of our cats and the outcome is a healthier and happier cat. I cannot say that this will work for everyone because there is work involved but you can make it fun if you just give it a little effort. I truly feel that the wet food is a better choice for them. We get comments from friends and family who have seen the difference and cannot believe how great they look. Finding a good deal on wet food is always a challenge and we do not go for the expensive type, we usually purchase cheaper brands because of what the main ingredients consist of. Reading the labels is very important and you need to be able to see how much meat is in the food. If the first four ingredients are meat then you are on the right track. Because cats are carnivores we look out for food that does not contain any vegetables as this is not always a good thing for cats; dogs can eat the vegetables without issues.

If you are considering changing your pets diet to wet food only or raw food please insure that you investigate and research first, don’t just jump into it. We have been doing this for a while now and we have implemented it in stages to ensure that the cats do not have any bad reactions and so far it is working like a charm. I know most of you might think this is just a crock of bologna but we are personally going through the journey with our cats. I changed my life because of a Diabetes diagnosis and because one of our cats was also diagnosed with Diabetes so we had to consider her health. Now we are very happy about what we are doing, even with the challenges of finding good food and being able to provide the necessary meat for them. If you are considering this type of diet, please read some of my posts and pages or go to a website that has further information and facts; it is good to have a second opinion, even it if is not a vet or pet food industry official.