Today I am updating my blog to continue with my dialogue regarding my journey with Diabetes Type 2. It has been approximately six months of continued work towards lowering my blood sugar levels and getting my body back to a normal level. I have had two blood test, each 3 months apart and the stats below show my progress and I will expand on what I have been doing to get to where I am.

My initial diagnosis about six months ago of Type 2 Diabetes showed a blood level of 10.8 which is extremely high. I was put on a presecription of Kombolglyze one pill a day and did the daily task of lancing and checking my blood levels. As I worked on my diet and began to exercise, I noticed the levels decreasing with each passing day. My weight however was not changing much and is still a major battle although I have lost about 20 pounds from my original weight. The blood test that are taken by the clinic are a more indepth look at your levels and differ from the daily routine of lancing your finger. These results are what your doctor takes into consideration and are taken from your Lab tests. The main tests used to diagnose diabetes are the fasting plasma glucose test, the oral glucose tolerance test, and the HbA1c test. These results relate where your level currently is.

My second test showed results of 6.7 which is an incredible drop and I attribute it to my new eating habits and exercising. Now I am not a great fan of exercise but I try to walk 10,000 steps daily using a treadmill or just getting outside. Winter is a bit more difficult but there are ways to get your steps in. The second result of this was the fact that I have Hypothyroid which was hidden originally by the Diabetes. Medication of Synthroid has helped to lower my weight and I am feeling better with both medications.

The latest results taken this January showed that my blood level was 6.4 and although I have been focusing on my studies and not exercising as much I have still been careful about what and how much I am eating. This level indicates that I am in the normal range now. If I continue on this path I will be weaned off the pill so that is another huge step to take. My Synthroid has been increased and my doctor has changed my Kombolglyze slightly to be in sync with what is going on currently.

I feel great knowing that all the hard work I have been doing is paying off and that I am on a healthy path. So, what magic has made this happen? What great mystery have I found? Honestly, it is hard work, determination, and proper eating of foods that do not raise my levels. Exercise is important because it lowers your blood levels if they begin to climb. I am not saying to go out and run a marathon, what I am suggesting is that you walk every day even if it is to the end of the block and back again. When you start to do that you are on your way to defeating Diabetes. I am not taking any magic pill, I am not using any of the proclaimed miracle solutions you see on the internet: I am working hard on myself and if I can do it surely anyone can. I am convinced that there is a possibility of living a healthy life even diagnosed as a Diabetic Type 2.

I will continue to add more posts here regarding diet, exercise, the current viewpoints and ways that society considers and advertises our foods and ways of consuming. Until then, just know that I am committed to defeating Diabetes even more because of my results and hard work.

Best Regards!